Helene E. Hagan has produced over fifty video documents as a Community Television Certified Producer, in Marin County (1993-1998), and through Santa Monica and Eagle Rock Community Television Studios (1998-2004).  These productions include:

1. "Circles  - American Indians in Marin" - Series of eleven half hour programs, hosted by Sally Sherlock, President, American Indian Alliance of Marin County (1993-1995) and Lanny Pinole, Miwok/Pomo,  Kule Loklo . Community Channel of Marin County.

2. "Tamazgha, Berber Land of Morocco" - Series of 12 half hour programs on the south land of Morocco, and the Atlas Mountains.  Videographed, edited and hosted by Helene E. Hagan, includes a half hour presentation on the first International Amazigh Congress which took place in Tafira, Gran Canary Island in 1998.  (1997-1998) - Community Channel of Marin County.

3. " Tafsut Imazighen" (1998-1999) - Celebration of Amazigh New Year , Yennayer, in the San Francisco Bay Area - 2 programs.

4. "Marin Environmental Forum", Four hour program on the San Francisco Bay for the Environmental Forum of Marin, ecology, geology, and history of the baylands of Marin County. Subsequently re-formatted in an eight half hour program series presented through Eagle Rock Studios, Los Angeles.  - 8 programs (1998 and 2011)

5. " The Russell Means Show"  Santa Monica Community Television Studios, 6 half-hour programs (1999-2003) -  Famous Indian militant and actor Russell C. Means hosts a series of four interviews with Sacheen Littlefeather, Greg Sarris, entertainer Red Bone and actress Kateri Walker, plus two solo Commentaries.