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 Helene Hagan has created over 55 community service television   programs for several channels in Marin County, Santa Monica and Eagle Rock studios of Adelphia Communications in Los Angeles. They are:

Circles  - "American Indians in Marin" - Series of eleven half hour programs, hosted by Sally Sherlock, President, American Indian Alliance of Marin County (1993-1995) and Lanny Pinole, Miwok/Pomo,  Kule Loklo . Community Channel of Marin County


Tamazgha, Berber Land of Morocco - Series of 12 half hour programs on the south land of Morocco, and the Atlas Mountains.  Videographed, edited and hosted by Helene E. Hagan, includes a half hour presentation on the first International Amazigh Congress which took place in Tafira, Gran Canary Island in 1998.  (1997-1998) - Community Channel of Marin County​


Tafsut Imazighen (1998-1999) - Celebration of"Amazigh New Year , Yennayer, in the San Francisco Bay Area - 2 programs"



Marin Environmental Forum, Four hour program on the San Francisco Bay for the Environmental Forum of Marin, ecology, geology, and history of the baylands of Marin County. Subsequently re-formatted in an eight half hour program series presented through Eagle Rock Studios, Los Angeles.  programs (1998 and 2011)

The Russell Means Show  Santa Monica Community Television Studios,  six half-hour programs (1999-2003) -  Famous Indian militant and actor Russell C. Means hosts a series of four interviews with Sacheen Littlefeather, Greg Sarris, entertainer Red Bone and actress Kateri Walker, plus two solo Commentaries   

All programs have been digitized and are available as DVDs  at the cost of $15.00 each , plus shipping.

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